Introductory Post!

Okapro Automotive

Welcome to Okapro Automotive’s first blog post!

Thanks for checking us out and we hope that you find this space a valuable resource of information and enjoyment.

So let’s begin.

As an automotive repair shop in Kelowna BC we have seen a number of changes in the industry over the past +30 years.

There was a time when we were working with updraft carburetors and now we perform software updates using a laptop. In between that time we have seen some drastic changes and those are some of the things we want to cover in this blog.

Not only do we want to recap where the industry has come from but we want to offer some perspective on where it is going and how that affects not just the automotive repair shop but the customer as well.

We have worked to provide our customers as much value as we can with keeping our shop small and personable.

We have formed relationships with many people and look forward to where the industry is going and the changes in the future as we seek to provide more and more value to all of our customers!

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