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Kelowna Buick Repair & Maintenance

Buick is one of America’s oldest automobile brand names. It has an abundant practice of design and advancement that dates back more than a century. 

Though Buick was recognized for dealing with retirement-age vehicle purchasers with its full-size sedans, Buick’s schedule now consists of SUV’s and also sport cars developed to attract younger buyers to the Buick brand.


At Okapro Automotive, we work on all Buick designs, consisting of Regal, LaCrosse, Territory, Repetition, Verano, and also Cascada.

If you drive a Buick, we can handle all of the kelowna Buick repair services and maintenance your car may need, from fluid adjustments and brake services to engine repairs and even more!

Our multi-point inspections (consisted of with any type of service) as well as sincere method to lorry repair and maintenance make sure that your Buick is dealt with appropriately and at a reasonable cost.


Expert Buick Diagnosis & Repair

If your Buick needs a repair, whether large or small, our technicians have the skill and range of experience to handle the repair in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Our technicians will accurately diagnose the issue you are experiencing with your vehicle, and fix the problem based on our mechanical expertise and your goals for your vehicle. 

Our goal is to provide the best service that you would expect for your auto, and then to exceed those expectations.

Professional Buick Mechanic Shop

If you drive a Buick, Okapro Automotive can handle all of the Kelowna Buick repair services and maintenance your vehicle may need, from fluid adjustments and brake services to engine repairs, electrical diagnostics and even more!

With highly proficient, skilled automotive specialists that go through constant training, we assure your vehicle will be serviced properly as quickly as possible at Okapro Automotive. 

We understand exactly how to ideally care for your automobile so it runs its best for years, and also if your vehicle is not performing well, we have the understanding and also equipment to fix the issue. 

Not all vehicle repair shops in the Kelowna area have set the high standards we have at Okapro Automotive. With us, you can trust your Buick remains in good hands.

Honesty and integrity are very important to Buick owners, and that is what Okapro Automotive is built on. 

As a local automotive repair shop, we strive to make those traits evident in our business. 

As our client, you can count on us to keep your vehicle safe and dependable for you and your family.


If you need automotive repair, bring your Buick to our mechanic shop in Kelowna, BC. If you need regular service, we will keep your vehicle running it’s best. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment please fill in our contact form to book your vehicle in with one of our experienced Buick specialists.

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